SaKa is a training and development platform that aims to provide soft skills training to individuals and organizations so as to enhance their personality. Growth of an individual is defined by the decisions they make in life and to invest in one’s own personality is the best investment a person can do because a person gets opportunities in life in accordance to the skills they carry. SaKa will train you to be a confident and effective public speaker and to become an individual who is always ready to take leadership roles and participate in various people facing activities. Go through the individual section to know more.

For institutes, corporates and organizations, we provide multiple trainings in soft skills to overcome the daily challenges of their students/employees and enable them to become strong personalities in terms of their communication, professionalism, ethics and quotidian skills. Go through the organization section to know more.

Sakshi Kapila Sidhu

Founder, SaKa Learning Systems

TEDx Chandigarh Team Member
Zone Trainer at Junior Chamber India
Competent Communicator at Toastmasters International
Avid Traveller and a Food Connoisseur

The Team

SaKa is a team of a dynamically experienced, positive and committed certified professional trainers who aim to put in their best efforts so that they can empower each person to become their better selves.

Raghav Kapila

National Trainer
Junior Chamber India

The Company

Humans grow and evolve in every phase of life and in each of these phases we need support and guidance to develop as fine personalities. We always aim to get better at what we do and it is an edge that creates the difference. Maybe your leadership skill needs a bit more polishing to get that next promotion, or your presentation skill is the last piece of the jigsaw to get into a top-tier international school, or you might be needing the good-old self-belief to shrug off that stage fright for your next debate competitions, or you need a third party to resolve your colleague issues to increase team productivity. But somehow you are unable to do so because of one reason or the other and you want to change that. We, at Hoi polloi, make sure that you fill in those gaps in your repertoire and take that bigger step in your life.
Hoi Polloi Incorporation is a Human Resource Development, training, consultancy and mentoring organization focused on continuous evolution of individuals and groups. Hoi Polloi means common people and that’s what we focus on i.e. to motivate and empower masses to achieve higher standards of self-identification.
We have collectively conducted over thousand programs all over India and abroad catering to various groups such as students, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs, couples, educational institutions and corporates. We have spent many years with various kinds of people, training them and supporting them to gain personal and professional excellence. Our team has conducted seminars in different regions of India (Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh) and Outside India (Sri Lanka). Our team has worked on many training programs designed specifically to suit the needs of several diverse type of audiences.
Trainers at SaKa have conducted business training programs like ABLE (Academy for business leadership and excellence), Malamaal, BLAST (Business leadership and success techniques) Team Building, Leadership Camps, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Email Writing etc.
Student’s training programs like Interview Skills, Resume Building, Group Discussions, Presentation Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Motivational Sessions.
Public Speaking sessions like EPS (Effective Public Speaking), Speech Craft, Presentation and Communication skills. Other training seminars include Stress Management for teachers, Getting organized, Goal setting, Time Management.

Our Mission

To enhance human resource by enabling each individual to become a better person in his/her professional and personal life so that they can achieve the best in life.

What do we offer

  • Courses designed specifically for each group of individuals to meet their needs.
  • Confidence building, personality development and professional growth.
  • Greater exposure and human networking
  • Effective communication and soft skills
  • Motivation and direction to career and life
  • Customized training program designed as per an organization’s requirement